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Key Tutors- former des tuteurs aux compétences clés - 2015-2017

Key Tutors- former des tuteurs aux compétences clésKey Tutors- former des tuteurs aux compétences clés

The 8 Key competences are the European Framework adopted by the European Commission  & Parliament in 2006 in order to enhance the competence approach in Europe. It takes into account 4 basice competences. France combines  KC1 – communication in the mother tongue and KC6- social and civic competence. Spain combines KC 2 – communication in a foreign language and KC8- cultural awareness and expression. Lithuania combines KC3- Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology and KC 5- Learning to learn. Finland combines  KC4- digital competences and KC7- sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. Poland combines KC1- communication in the mother tongue and KC5- Learning to learn.

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Vision 21 - 2004-2006

Vision 21Vision 21

Initiated by a Polish Institute, the IRSS,  this European project under the Grundtvig programme means to tackle social inclusion in the 21st Century thanks to volunteering. Four countries are concerned : France, Italy, Poland and Spain. First, partners will hold meeetings at country level to pool local knowledge and prepare contributions to the main seminar. Then, representatives will hold a preparatory meeting in Warsaw to thrash out the programme of the main seminar. Next, the main international seminar on good practice in volunteer-aided social work will take place in Warsaw. In the second year partners will develop a new handbook for social workers on how to work with volunteers. The handbook will be drafted in English and subsequently translated into the languages of project participants. Another end product will be a web portal bringing together social workers and voluntary sector activists. The State of the art concerning the training proposed to volunteers in France was inspired by the one done for the Vaeb project.

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Vaeb - 2003-2006

Vaeb Vaeb Vaeb

A l'initiative de l'Iriv, il réunit 14 partenaires dans 7 pays européens (France, Allemagne , Autriche , Hongrie , Italie , Pologne et Royaume-Uni). Il a été financé grâce à la Commission européenne (programme communautaire Leonardo da Vinci "Former et éduquer tout au long de la vie".) et avec un soutien du Conseil régional de Champagne Ardenne pour l'expérimentation en France.

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