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Projects attached to the country Irlande

VAB- Valoriser les acquis buissonniers - 2009-2011

VAB- Valoriser les acquis buissonniersVAB- Valoriser les acquis buissonniers

Initiated by iriv together with the University of Evry Val d'Essonne under the "Lifelong learning" programme (call for proposal 2009), under the Leonardo da Vinci programme, the project is meant to identify, value and validate experience acquired by students beyond the University. Five countries have been associated : France, Austria, Greece, Eire and Poland. This is a transfer of innovation of former LdV project initiated and directed by Iriv ; the project is supported by the European programme Leonardo da Vinci.

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VPL2- Valoriser les acquis de l'expérience en Europe - 2005-2007

VPL2- Valoriser les acquis de l'expérience en EuropeVPL2- Valoriser les acquis de l'expérience en Europe

A European project initated by the Han University , supported by the European Commission under the Leonardo da Vinci Programme. Eleven countries involved : the Netherlands, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy , Lithuania , Norway and the United Kingdom. Here is the website : www.vpl4.eu. iriv's contribution consisted in presenting the Vaeb project and the two French projects linked to it, Vaeb Aria and Vaeb in Brittany.

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NetherlandsChypreFranceGermanyIrlandeItalyLituanieNorvegeRepublique-TchequeUnited Kingdom

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Vaeb - 2003-2006

Vaeb Vaeb Vaeb

A l'initiative de l'Iriv, il réunit 14 partenaires dans 7 pays européens (France, Allemagne , Autriche , Hongrie , Italie , Pologne et Royaume-Uni). Il a été financé grâce à la Commission européenne (programme communautaire Leonardo da Vinci "Former et éduquer tout au long de la vie".) et avec un soutien du Conseil régional de Champagne Ardenne pour l'expérimentation en France.

France Germany Austria Italy United Kingdom Poland Hungary

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