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Giovanna Guerzoni

Giovanna  GuerzoniGiovanna  Guerzoni

Giovanna Guerzoni  is Professor of Cultural Anthropology, at the Faculty of Education Science-University of Bologna). She is partner of Aisea and Lecob, member of the Scientific Committee of the Gramsci Foundation for the region Emilia-Romagna , group of study about “Old and new poverty” (since 2009).. Since 1987 Anthropology of Education has been  the field of main interest. In 1984-1987 she worked in an interdisciplinary research on “Childhood between 17th and 18th century” (supported by the Municipality of Modena and the Region Emilia-Romagna/University of Bologna). She participated in two researches ordered by Rai-Sat2 Ragazzi: - “Cultural models and formation of cultural identity processes. The role of television programmes in the processes of identity building in a multicultural context”(1997/1999); - “Cultural models and formation of the cultural identity processes. Analyses and reception processes of childhood TV programmes”. Further research titled: “Grow Women in Technology: Grow through the net” (2000-2002), (Enaip / Region Emilia-Romagna). Her educational field researches are: “Theatre at school. Practices, imaginaries, resources of “making theatre” in educational contexts ; experiences of the school of Modena” (municipality of Modena, Theatre School office of the Centre of Documentation Memo and Ater Emilia-Romagna). In 2005-2007, she participated in the interdisciplinary research of the Department of Education Science on “The educational care in multicultural contexts”. Since 2009 she has been focused on the issue of “Childhoods and migrant Families in the nursery school”such as an involvement in the PRIN research “Young migrants, migratory processes and urban contexts”(2007-2009). (research “Adopt one right”, Ministry of Education, Region Emilia-Romagna, CdLei of Bologna and Department of Education Science). In the last years, she has been involved as responsible of the Anthropological Area in the University Strategic Project “M.i.c.r.o” (2006-2008) about micro-credit as social intervention tool against poverty. Among its first activities, several training courses; (2007/2008); the realisation of a “Plan of practicality for the implementation of experiences of Micro-credit Grameen Italy”.

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