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VAEB pour les étudiants -

VAEB pour les étudiants VAEB pour les étudiants


This programme was implemented in the framework of the project "Bénévolat & compeences" initiated and directed by Animafac with the support of the the Ministry for Employment & Health and the General Delegation for Employment and Vocational training, the National Agency ACSE and the Ministry for Education


This training programme is dedicated to students in Universities and schools (business or engeneering) involved in voluntary actions



Detailed program under PDF


Halba (Bénédicte), Valuing volunteering : a major issue for the European Year of Volunteering , University of Liverpool, 2011

Halba (Bénédicte)- Guide pratique du bénévolat publié aux éditions Larousse, Paris, 2011

Halba (B) & alii, Valoriser les acquis d’une expérience bénévole- Vaeb publié aux éditions iriv, Paris, 2007

Halba (Bénédicte),Gestion du bénévolat et du volontariat – manuel de gestion publié aux éditions De Boeck, Bruxelles , 2006.

Formations dispensées depuis 2009 ayant utilisé ce programme de formation

Training programme experimented on the French territories by delegates of Animafac together with the national team (http://www.animafac.org/

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